Trainer Qualifications

ASDA Authorised Training Providers may only appoint ASDA qualified trainers. Your trainers must ensure they are up-to-date with the latest ASDA qualification.

Trainers must complete the required ASDA trainers training courses in order to qualify to teach ASDA training courses.

Assessment is a fundamental element of learning.

All trainers who facilitate learning processes, as well as manage and administer assessments, are referred to as Instructors. This process ensures that the learners are competent across all practical elements within the ASDA curriculum.

Assessment of the practical training is the process by which ASDA determines whether the outcome described is fair, reliable and valid. This is currently being implemented across all ASDA Authorised Training Providers to improve quality control, proficiencies, and to achieve the necessary outcomes.

ASDA Authorised Training Providers that want to offer any of the add-on modules, must complete the relevant ASDA training and assessments before they can advertise that they offer these courses.