ASDA Fee Structure

The requirements and benefits for each of the Authorised Training Providers do vary. Below we have outlined the requirements, benefits and costs of each Authorised Training Centre so that you can select the Authorised Training Provider that will best suit your needs.

Facility Registration Once Off – R200 000.00

This license will be granted to the provider once the provider met all the requirements to be an approved ASDA Training Provider.
ASDA will conduct a site visit pre-registration of approval to ensure that the facility are equipped with the necessary equipment, consumables and tools, also to ensure that necessary safety is in place.

Annual License Renewal – R75 000.00

The facility license is renewable annually on the 1st of October. ASDA will conduct a site visit pre-anniversary of license. License is only valid for the current financial year March – February.

Subject Registration License (Once Off Per Subject)– R55 000.00

The training provider must choose from the subject wish list (Subjects the provider wish to provide training on). Each subject needs to be registered. The license is only valid for the current financial year.

Annual License Renewal – R15 000.00

Subject license needs to be renewed before anniversary of license.

Steps to follow to sign up as an Authorised Training Centre

STEP 1: Read through the Authorised Training Centre programme contract.
STEP 2: Select the ASDA product/s you would like to train.
STEP 3: Accept your contract and fill in the required details once your ASDA Authorised Training Provider application has been approved.
STEP 4: Complete the application form and submit to ASDA
STEP 5: Book to attend the required certification courses in order to train ASDA

The application form can be returned to the address below or emailed to
43b Maxwell Street
Kempton Park

Steps to follow to annually renew your Authorised Training Centre

STEP 1: Pay your Authorised Training Centre renewal fee by 28 February each year.
STEP 2: Send proof of payment to
STEP 3: Accept your new annual contract and fill in the required details as well as update your details.
STEP 4: Book your refresher course for instructors and all related employees.
STEP 5: Your new accreditation certificate will then be sent to you along with a letter of agreement that you can use for your students.