Referrals and Lead Opportunities

All ASDA Authorised Training Providers are added to the ASDA referral database. This means that students visiting the website in search of training providers in a particular area or for a particular product will be referred to your training sites. The student’s contact details will be sent to the first ASDA Authorised Training Providers on the list, which works on a rotation basis, providing each ASDA Authorised Training Providers with an opportunity to contact students. Please note that only ASDA Authorised Training Providers that have the required technology and have their accounts and contact details up-to-date, will be linked to this system.

It is also advised that you do not rely on this system for new business but we urge all ASDA approved training providers to continue with your own marketing campaign. As part of our efforts to support license holders, ASDA Authorized Training providers will be given the opportunity to advertise on all ASDA or relevant industry portals and assistance in this regards will be provided by our team of dedicated experts.