Provider Operations and Training Management Requirements

First time applicants must submit signed application forms in agreement with all contractual information, together with a business plan, supporting documents, as well as photos of the proposed training site.

Authorised Training Provider is required to renew their status annually through payment of a license fee, provided all trainers are up-to-date with required certification. Only for approved license holders, the option will be given to pay the renewable annual license fee monthly. This arrangement will at the discretion of ASDA management.

Once the Authorised Training Provider is approved (three weeks from receipt of documentation) the facility registration fee is due for payment.

An Authorised Training Provider is required to pay for a minimum of one year at the time of application. The first fee will be a pro-rata charge to take the Authorised Training Provider to the next 1st March renewal. Each year the full renewal fee will be due on 1st October for the period 1 March until to 28 February.

Site visits will be done during November / December / January. Renewal documents must be submitted by October with your renewal fee, Instructors / Employee & Subject fees.

ASDA Authorised Training Providers will also receive a reminder that their annual fees are due and an invoice is issued during October each year.

Accepting the Authorised Training Provider contract after renewal:

All Authorised Training Provider are required to accept a new ASDA Authorised Training Provider contract each year after the renewal. All Authorised Training Centres are required to acquaint themselves with the ASDA Authorised Training Provider terms of renewal, and update all information regarding the training provider. A signed copy must also be faxed or emailed.

Following acceptance of the renewed contract, the ASDA Authorised Training Centre will be issued with new certification and the year’s educational curriculum.

Hold classes only at your ASDA Approved sites:

The use of non-authorised sites for training is strictly prohibited and may result in the termination of ASDA Authorised Training Provider status.

Onsite Training:

ASDA Authorised Training Provider may offer on- or offsite training to private companies, provided that they hold an onsite ASDA Authorised Training Provider authorisation. ASDA Authorised Training Provider may advertise private classes to individuals, either directly or through a third party and assistance will be given in this regard.


Upon passing the assessment, students will receive a certificate from ASDA.

Only certificates issued by ASDA may carry the ASDA name, branding and certification.

Any certificates issued by the training provider may not include the ASDA logo or name and may not contain text implying successful completion of an ASDA course.