Instructors Authorisation

An ASDA training provider is responsible for ensuring that their instructors authorisation is up-to-date.

All instructor details must be included with the ASDA Authorised Training Provider application form and must -be kept up-to-date. The instructor may be employed or on contract with the ASDA Authorised Training Provider on a full-time or part-time basis.

The ASDA Authorised Training Provider must ensure that all its trainers have completed the required training courses and passed the assessments, prior to application for the ASDA Authorised Training Provider status.

Should any of your instructors employment ends, you are required to appoint new instructors, then the newly appointed trainers must first complete the required ASDA trainer training courses, prior to them commencing with any teaching.

Once a year all ASDA Authorised Training Providers who holds a license will be required to attend a short course to update their skills, and all new Instructors and related employees of license holders will have to attend training provided by ASDA.